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Some G+ users noticed a new beta feature today on their Google+ account. It’s a music player which stream music tracks via YouTube. With this integration one can access music from a floating widget on the right side of the page (button with a YouTube logo). Search results are shown in a pop-out webpage that links to somewhat this (link doesn’t work for those who don’t have this feature enabled). The pop-out webpage is the real player in fact, showing Playlist and Now Playing items. Now Playing tracks can be controlled from the floating widget aswell. The widget is only shown on homepage and on all other Stream pages.

Further noticing, the player doesn’t have like/dislike buttons. +1 makes it more special. And further, one can share the music on his Stream.

This integration is a nice counter-attack on Facebook (you all know about Spotify+Facebook, right?). Check out all the screenshots of this beta feature below.


Update 11:30PM IST: Turns out! It’s not a beta. The feature is rolling out, and it’s an integration only for Google Chrome browser. Source added below.



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