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Remember that infamous Android-powered tablet HRD Ministry was making for students? Yeah, that. It’s finally (and hopefully) becoming a reality after a delay of more than 6 months after HCL lost the tender for the thing.

The specs are still not that clear, but that Chinese one had a 800 Mhz ARM 11 processor, with 2 gig of ROM and 256 MB of RAM, the screen is 7 inch at 800×480, and it comes with all the usual WiFi’s and Bluetooth’s with “external 3G support,” although we have no idea what that is. All of that is powered by a 4200 mAh battery that runs it all for 6 hours.

Obviously all that is for the Chinese thing – which although is likely to be the Indian one, but you never know – and the fact that HRD Ministry has not revealed the complete specs sheet doesn’t make life easier for anyone – after all that rumored specs sheet with 2 GB of RAM sounds like a joke, maybe they are not revealed because that could prove that IIT hasn’t done any major job in development and they are just buying in bulk from Hivision.

Whatever the case is, it’s pretty much confirmed that it’s Rs. 2,200 (50$) and not Rs. 1,500 (35$,) but government is subsidizing (with tax money of course) it to Rs. 1,100 that makes it 24$ for your average student, still pretty cheap at 50$ though – the Chinese one was 100$ a year ago.



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