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Remember Luke Basarab’s HTC HD3 with HTC Sense 3 concept? Well, there is a good news for all HTC Sense 3 fans. Until rruffman’s statement it was believed that it is not possible to make HTC Sense 3. Rruffman replaced a tile in Windows Phone 7 emulator with the graphic of HTC Sense 3 and it works!.

Here are screenshots, where one tile has been replaced for sample. Tiles can be rectangular or with rounded corner:

These custom tiles will be more than just static images. Taking the advantage of live tile feature HTC can easily animate and can bring updates to those tiles, though changing background (see image below) of the home screen is not possible as of now, unless someone finds a way. Now you begin to love Metro UI homescreen, don’t you?

And yes, this also means Windows Phone 7 Chrome concept can be a reality soon.



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