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The newest version the most used & accepted Operating System for computers aka Windows 11 has been launched by the Microsoft recently. The most hyped up thing in the bundle is it’s design but along with the design, many powerful and handy features/shortcuts have arrived to up your productivity game by manifolds. One such feature is the revamped version of Snap Assist i.e. Snap Layouts .  

Snap Layouts are a “super handy” new feature of Windows 11. To view the available snap layouts you can hover your cursor over the maximize a button in the upper left corner. Next, click on the “Zones” that you wish to align your window. You will then be guided by the guided assistance to snap windows into the rest of the zones after you have clicked on the zone you wish to snap.

Snap Assist in Windows 10

Windows 10 also offers the earlier generation of this feature which is called as Snap Assist which is a Windows Snap feature. Split screen, for instance. However, it works differently. For it to click in place, you will need to drag the window towards the edge. You can also use WIN key + an “arrow” key.

This is an example showing four zones that are using Snap Assist on Windows 10. It isn’t as elegant as Snap layouts on Windows 11

Snap Assist can be helpful on Windows 10, but it’s not as easy as on Windows 11 with Snap Layouts. It also offers fewer features.


Snap Layouts in Windows 11

You can choose from four snap layouts on smaller screens while those on larger screens will give you more. You can also use the keyboard shortcut for snap layouts Windows key + Z. Note that you have at least two apps open in Snap Groups. Click to switch back, move your mouse over the group.

windows 11 snap layouts

Here’s an example of Windows 11’s new feature for aligning layouts. You can align screens in several zones.

Disable Snap Layouts in Windows 11

However, Snap layout may not be used by all users. Some users may find it too distracting and inconvenient. If this is you, then you can either turn it off or on using the steps below.

  • Go to Start menu then click on Settings.

Windows 11 start menu

  • Once the settings are open, click system On the left side of your screen, click on “Add to Cart”. Click on the link to the right. Multitasking Click on the Snap Window drop-down menu.

Windows 11 multitasking settings

  • Deactivate “Click on the maximize button to show snap layouts” and close settings.

It’s that simple. Snap layouts are no longer available on Windows 11. You can enable it again in the Settings section.

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