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It can be quite frustrating, however, as useful as predictive text can sometimes be. We have all been victims to his criminal suggestions which made us land up in troublesome situations quite a lot of times. Predictive text feature learns from your daily typing habits and then it suggests what the algorithm thinks is best after a certain word.

If it works well, this feature is very useful. But it can get boring after a while. It repeats terms you use with certain people, but those are the terms that you don’t always want to use (imagine that “yes”, becomes “yaassssssss” – You know what we mean! ).

How can I delete predictive text history?

What can you do if predictive text begins to believe it knows what you are typing is better than you? You can clean up your predictive text history and get it all over again. Yes, it is possible to reset predictive text.

How to delete predictive text history on Android? 

Contrary to iOS devices where users tend to use default keyboards, setting predictive text is more difficult for Android phones. Even though they are running on the same Android version, there is a difference. This is because Android is often customized by manufacturers to make their smartphones’ experience unique. Different Android skins often lead to different default keyboards on different smartphones. This article will focus on Gboard, Samsung Keyboard and Swiftkey, the most widely used keyboards on android devices.

  • Delete Predictive Text history from Gboard

It’s also very easy to delete Gboard0’s predictive text history. Follow these steps (these steps may vary from one device or another but they are generally the same):

1.Open “Settings” and choose “System”.

Step 1 1

This step is the same for iOS and Android. To access the Settings section of your Android smartphone, click here. Similar to iOS, you can also find this standard app on Android smartphones. All you have to do is find the app and open it. After opening the app, look for the “System” option.

2. Press “Language and input”

Step 2 1

You can open a new window by clicking on “System”. This will display a variety of options. You should choose “Language & Input” out of this list. This option is easy to find after scrolling fast.

3. Select “Virtual keyboard”.

Step 3 1

You will see some language settings once you have chosen “Language input” in this new window. Choose “Virtual Keyboard” from the Keyboard section.

4. Choose “Gboard”

Step 4

Tap on “Virtual Keyboards”, and you’ll see a list with keyboards that you can use on your phone. You can then select “Gboard”

5. Choose “Advanced”

Step 5

The Advanced option is available in GBoard Settings. It is located just below the last option, “Rate Us”, and it is the second-to-last option. Click on “Advanced” and choose it.

6. Tap on “Delete learned words and data”

Step 6B

To open a new menu of options, click “Advanced”. You will see different segments. You can choose “Learning”, and you’ll see “Delete learned data and words”. Tap on this to activate it.

7. Enter the code to start over

Step 7

When you choose this option, your device displays a prompt message asking you for the security code. After entering the code, press OK to clear your predictive history from GBoard. You and your keyboard will be able to learn from one another again.

  • Delete Predictive Text history from Samsung Keyboard

Samsung ships its own keyboard for all Galaxy smartphones. Let’s learn how to delete your Samsung Keyboard predictive text history (One UI).

1. Go to Settings>Executive management.

2.  Tap on Language and input.

3. Tap on Virtual keyboard.

4. Now press Samsung keyboard.

5. Scroll down and tap on Reset options.

6. Once the pop-up appears tap on Clear Custom Data

7. You can turn off predictive text to completely eliminate Predictive Text

  • Delete Predictive Text history from Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard

Microsoft-owned SwiftKey has been one of the most used keyboard apps for iOS and Android. SwiftKey allows you to quickly clear your custom data. Let’s take a look at the Android version SwiftKey.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap on Language and input.

3. Tap on Virtual keyboard.

4. Then, press Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard.

5. Tap on Account.

6. Press “End” The backup of the custom vocabulary should be deleted

That’s it. We’ve covered how to delete your predictive text history in iOS / iPad OS. Also, we discussed three popular Android keyboard apps: Gboard ,Samsung Keyboard, SwiftKey (SwiftKey). You can delete your personal data from any keyboard app using the same procedure as the one mentioned above.

How to Remove predictive text history from iOS Devices?

In iOS, it is very easy to clear out your predictive text history. This is a simple process that will allow you to restore your default settings for word suggestions or predictions.

1. Open “Settings”, and then select “General”.

Search for “Settings” on your iOS device. This is a preinstalled standard app for all iOS devices. Scroll down the list to find the General option.

To open additional options, tap the General button.

2. Press “Reset”

2nd step

The Reset All option is located at the bottom of General category. It is just above “Shut Down”. Tap on it. You can relax, it won’t reset your phone.

3. Select “Reset Keyboard Dictionary”

Step 3

There are many options available for reset that can be used to restore different settings and functions. Select “Reset Keyboard Dictionary” from this menu.

4. Forgot your password? Reset it!

Step 4b

When you select this option, the device will ask for you password (if you have one), and then you’ll be asked again whether you wish to reset your keyboard dictionary to its default settings or cancel the process. Choose the first option to proceed. You receive brand new predictive texts without any personalized jargon.

Frequently Asked Question about Predictive History

1. Can my predictive text be reset?

Yes. No matter if you are using iOS or Android, you can reset the predictive text history. A reset simply involves deleting your predictive text history and starting from scratch. You can also disable predictive text on certain keyboard apps.

2. How do I delete words from iPhone predictive texts?

If you are using the default Apple iOS keyboard, and you don’t wish to delete or reset all of your custom dictionaries but want to remove specific words in predictive text history, then you’re out of luck. It’s true. Apple doesn’t allow the user to remove specific words from the predictive box. As such, you will need to delete/reset as explained earlier in the article.

That’s how you can delete the predictive history on Android & iOS devices. For more such in depth how-to’s and guides, check out our how-to section of the website.



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