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Let us be honest, we weren’t as excited for the launch of Dell smartphones in India as we were for Dell Streak. It was simply because of the fact that those smartphones were actually rebranded ZTE phones. But this time we are indeed excited as Dell Venue (thunder) unexpectedly is going to be launched in India after Hong Kong got it’s hand on it just a few days ago! It sure does look like Dell Venue Pro (you got it, you don’t need to have an eagle’s eye to notice that) but it isn’t a Dell Venue Pro which is by the way, a Windows Phone 7 device. Dell Venue is powered by Android 2.2 Froyo and unlike Dell Venue Pro it lacks the portrait keyboard.

Underneath the tough yet beautiful curved Corning Gorilla Glass lies the powerhouse of the device, a 1GHz QSD 8250 processor. By now you might be very much familiar with the AMOLED display, right? Dell Venue has a 4.1″ WVGA AMOLED capacitive, multi-touch display with 16M colors. Dell Venue also features Stage UI (yes, the one present on Dell Streak with Android 2.2.) One down side of Stage UI on Dell Venue is that there is no landscape orientation support.

Dell Venue is priced at HK$3,999 (US$514) in Hong Kong that is approximately Rs. 24,000 but again, converting prices of other countries is never accurate. Although it’s already live on Dell India site you might have to wait for some more days to actually see at retail stores.

Update #1: Nothing’s confirmed. And so, we are trying out for official confirmation. However, when we called up Dell India officials early morning, they were a bit surprised about Venue’s appearance on website and told us that there’s no planning of Venue’s launch. However, further confirmation is going on.

Update #2: Confirmed. Venue’s not going to launch in India next week. Appearance of Dell Venue on Indian official website was a mistake.



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