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All the android fans have been eagerly awaiting the latest revision to Google’s Android operating system codenamed ‘Froyo’.  The Google’s latest operating system, Android 2.2 Froyo was announced last night at Google I/O Developer Conference. Just minutes after the announcement, PCMag published it’s review of Android 2.2.

After a long speech of Google achievements, Vic Gundotra the Vice President of engineering for Google, demoed the Google Android 2.2.  Froyo is X faster to run applications, and 3X faster for browsing!.

Android 2.2 also brings some tweaks and fixes:

  • Considerable increase in performance
  • email has now got push-sync features
  • Now applications can be installed to the SD card
  • WiFi tethering

But the highlighting feature is the introduction of Adobe Flash 10.1 to a mobile platform. Google is advertising Froyo as being the first Operating System to bring Flash to a mobile phone but does it performs as good as it does in a PC ? Preview video shows flash’s performance and it is actually good. Games, embedded videos seem smooth and neat. These videos prove to be an evidence of flash being entirely brought to a mobile phone.

As soon as Android 2.2 was announced SDK was also updated to allow work with froyo.

Download SDK: here

More about Android 2.2 here.



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