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A blog post published by AMD‘s Jason Deal tells you a part of the story that Bulldozer, along with Bobcat is coming in this year.

It’s about a year that Bulldozer have been up in the news, and AMD confirmed that 8-cored multiprocessor would be available for desktops by Q2 2011. 2011 just started, and AMD is readying you up for the Bulldozer, but sadly not at CES. Bulldozer for servers was said to be powering with dual chip 16-core processor codenamed “Interlagos,” while for desktop would be single chip based 4 to 8-core processor codenamed “Zambezi.” Pairing as “module” Zambezi will be have eight x86 processing engines. Imagine the power it would have for you multiplying clocking speed of 2.4GHz into number of cores… At AMD Financial Analyst Day 2010, they also confirmed that next Bulldozer will be out by 2012, and is codenamed “Enhanced Bulldozer.”

So, Bulldozer, is coming – it would be the first processor for consumers being 8-cored.

(source: AMD Blog)



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