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Reliance Communications and Lenovo join hands for an exclusive partnership to sell co-branded smartphones offering Reliance communication services like “dual-core network” which automatically switch calls between GSM and CDMA networks depending on network strength.

We are still not sure how exactly this dual-core network works, however we have asked the same to the officials. Just awaiting a response to update the post.

The co-branded smartphones will vary from screen sizes and processors, and obviously price range. But the press release also states that “co-branded smartphones” will be powered by dual-core processor clocking at 1GHz. This part of the highly informative press release is a bit confusing. The company has also said that the phones will be powered by latest Android operating system, probably the Jelly Bean. The co-branded smartphones will be available across the nation at 2,500 Reliance stores and 1,000 stores of Lenovo.

The telecom company states that Reliance-Lenovo partnership will allow it to offer a complete range of customer communication portfolio.

“We are happy to announce our partnership with Lenovo to offer the most innovative dual technology smart-phones in the country,” said Gurdeep Singh, CEO of Wireless Business, Reliance Communication in a press statement. “In line with our endeavor to develop the CDMA device ecosystem, the co-branded smart-phones are set to offer a superlative customer experience in terms of device, speed and coverage on our high speed data network offering the widest footprint across the country. We are confident that the unmet demand of an innovative CDMA smart-phone with exciting features at an attractive price point bundled with our most innovative ‘All Share’ plans will fulfill the demand of every customer on our superior network.

Liu Jun, President of Lenovo Business Group has stated that the company aims to replicate their China success in India to gain country’s smartphone market share.

From left: Liu Jun, President, Lenovo Business Group, Gurdeep Singh, President & CEO - Wireless Business, RCOM, JD Howard, VP-WW Business Development, Lenovo


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