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Zune Marketplace is being open for its Indian users though the software giant hasn’t released any official statement yet. It’s been about three months since some releases of Windows Phone 7 phones in India. Many bought WP7 before the official launch in India (obviously from countries where WP7 was in retail shelves) and later they realised that their phone didn’t had Zune support, in India. WP7 apps are live on Zune Marketplace, from Indian Live account – apps are showing with INR price tag, as seen in the image below. It might be a glitch or Microsoft might be testing, preparing to launch Zune Marketplace in India. But either way its a win-win situation because now we at least know that they are working in expanding Zune Marketplace to countries which previously didn’t had access.

Zune India

Note: Out of all the Zune services only Zune’s WP7 Marketplace is live in India. Also, nobody have confirmed of any successful downloading/buying of an app from WP7 Marketplace. So if you succeed let us know.



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