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This comes with a surprise – the rumors were heating up all week long, and now they finally seem to be true. iPad 2 will launch in India on 29th April starting from Rs. 29,500.

The launch of iPad 2 is not “yet another launch” though, it shows that Apple is finally considering India as a market and not a dumping ground. Of course there is still no signs of iPhone 4 for some reason, but lets get back to iPad 2. Just after 1 month of iPad 2 releasing at the american shelves, it has released in India – which once again, is a big surprise.

Below is a neat little table with the prices that are really close to iPad 1 before it’s prices were reduced last month. We still have the same old question – what happens to the iPad 1′s already sold?

P.S. It’s also releasing in Japan tomorrow, and in Hong Kong, Israel, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and UAE on 29th, China will see a release on 6th May.

Oh and those fancy Smart Covers are available too – all of the same colors, the “polyurethane” ones cost Rs. 2,100 and the leather ones are Rs. 3,800.



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