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May be, may be not – That’s what most people say when they are asked if they will buy Flyer. The reason is the fact that it doesn’t run the Android version which is especially designed for tablets, Honeycomb. Well, if you are one of them we guess you will be sold out when you read the below statement from HTC, made from their Twitter account, as a reply to Geekhangover.

As of now, Google has a tight grip on Honeycomb (Android 3.0,) and we don’t know when everyone can experience Honeycomb. But as far as HTC is concerned they might have been already working on customizing Honeycomb for Flyer.

Now, since you are interested in HTC Flyer, (aren’t you?) this might be a perfect time to watch the recently released official video of HTC Flyer which highlights everything about HTC Flyer. The video also showcases HTC’s newest innovation which HTC calls “HTC Scribe Technology.” The idea is simple “if you see it … you can write on it” with the magic pen. The pen can also be used as a highlighter; you can even create your own masterpiece painting!



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