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So Nokia announced the partnership with Microsoft and is now going to be using WP7 as the primary OS, but what now? Well, it seems.. Nokia is being blessed by a bit more by Microsoft, than yet-another-OEM.

It seems Nokia will be able to customize everything in WP7, from bottom to top – but according to Elop, they won’t. Nokia want’s to maintain the integrity and simple-ness of the OS. How do we know this? Elop said it in the event today. When asked “Will Nokia be able to ‘customize everything’ on Windows Phone 7 in order to differentiate itself?” he replied in a big “Yes!”, but then quickly pulled back with words like “Nokia likely won’t make extensive use of this freedom to tailor Microsoft’s OS.” Clever. Nuff said, but HTC wasn’t allowed even a bit for their Sense-iness.

Nokia's Transition between Symbian and WP7

So what else does this freedom means to Nokia? It probably means they can just completely stop making those Symbian phones from now and the above slide shows that. The slide was presented by Stephen Elop at the Nokia Capital Market Day event today, and it clearly shows – though not with exact dates – that Symbian – which is now a secondary OS for Nokia – will be completely ”consumed” by Windows Phone in the next few years. Of course it won’t be immediate but it seems 2012 will be the final year of Symbian’s life. Below is another slide showing the new R&D spending, with the reduced cash flow.

Nokia's new R&D spending


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