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Facebook announced their own email service around 3 months ago, we knew we wanted to try it out – and so we applied for it. So let’s take a look and see how Mail is done, by Facebook.

The invitation will be like this: You’ll be prompted to upgrade to the new “Facebook Messages.” FB will guide you step by step to complete your FB messages configuration. You will be asked for the following –

  • If you have a Facebook Username, your email will be <your>.
  • Next you will be asked to configure your phone number so that your friends can send you message on your phone if you want.

And from now on, after enabling your Facebook social inbox all your chatlogs will be saved in your inbox. You can send and receive emails from your Facebook inbox. You can attach images and videos or any kind of file you want in the message you are about to send.

Even on Facebook Mobile they replaced Inbox with Messages.

However, the new inbox resembles the the old FB message inbox with a few more additions like, it will show if the person you are talking to is online or offline, there’s no send button now, all you have to do is to press the return key to send a message. While this is not available to all Facebookers out there, but you can wait for your invitations or just apply for an invitation.



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