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The 6th generation of the iPod Nano, is here! 2 weeks ago it launched in India – and we got one of them, for a review.


So we opened the box, ofcourse and all we found was a USB data cord and an Earphone, and obviously the Nano. By the way, there’s also a quick guide and a small Apple white logo sticker – waste of resources.


Brilliant design. It’s a square piece made out of pure art, each side measures 1.5″ (4.2cm) with just 7 mm thickness with the screen measuring at 2.9 cm. You got 3 buttons – volume up and down, and the power button at top. There’s the usual Apple USB Dock connector at bottom, with a 3.5 mm audio jack beside it. And you do get a nice clip, which you can obviously use to clip the Nano to wherever you would want to.

The screen is a capacitive touchscreen, with multi-touch support running at 240×240 resolution. It also got a accelerometer, which helps you to change the track on shake.


The “power” button is more like a sleep button, you can’t exactly turn the little piece off- it will just sleep until the battery dies – though if it sleeps for more than 36 hours, it will automagically shutdown completely. When it wakes up it lets you see name of the song currently playing. That’s pretty awesome idea.

The homescreen looks similar to the one on iOS, tricking us to think its iOS – but it’s not. There are four pages, each page got four “app” icons. So the homescreen includes Playlist, Now Playiing, Artists, Genius Mixes, Radio, Podcasts, Photos, Settings, Songs, Albums, Genres, Composers, Fitness, Clock, Audiobooks and iTunes U. Below is a video so you all can see all these functions, in action.


An iPod is to listen some sounds in rhythm, music that is ofcourse. It doesn’t have external speakers – but the earphones are extremely good, and the sound quality is great. Genius Mixes and Genres makes it good to sort out the songs you like the most, from your gigantic library.

Multi-media apps:

There’s a Radio in this little thing, with quite simple but feature-packed interface. Sound clarity is appreciable, however it still depends on your signal stregnth ofcourse. Podcast syncs with iTunes on your computer, so you can easily listen to podcasts on your Nano after doing a sync with iTunes – problem is that it dosen’t support wireless sync (Zune does, for example) and connecting wire everytime to do a sync is a pain at times. Next is Photo – it’s the same old photo application as seen in previous Nano, or an iOS device. Don’t think of pinch to zoom just now, cause it does not support that feature – on a side note, how would you pinch & zoom at this screen? Fortunatly it does zoom in at double tap. Audiobooks does what the name says – it syncs your selected audiobooks from iTunes, and “plays” the book, instead of you reading it – better option if you are too busy in your “other” work.

Fitness is a nice app for those of you, who love listening iPod while jogging along. It has this Nike + iPod feature which cover up time, distance, etc. of your workout, however only when purchase and attach its receiver to the Nano. Pedometer feature works with the accelerometer; counts number of steps you walk.

Battery Life:

Well, there’s nothing much to say – all it does is music and radio, with a sweet to play with touch screen so it can play music for more than 20 hours.

Price & Verdict:

The new Nano comes in two models, a 8 GB and 16 GB – Rs. 10,700 for 8GB model and Rs. 12,700 for 16GB model. Among every other music player, iPod Nano stands out unique – with excellent sound quality, FM radio, Fitness and of course great battery life. This iPod Nano is worth for every penny it’s asking for.



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