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Yes you read the title right, ‘PSN Store’ is now available in India, Turkey, Croatia. But strangely Sony hasn’t announced it publicly yet. PS3 users in many countries were not able to use the PSN Store without making an account, selecting foreign any country which has PSN Store support – until now.

Hearing the PlayStation 3 Indian users’ feedback and demand, there’s now a functional PSN Store (yay!) available with contents such as downloadable games, XMB themes and even ‘PlayStation Plus’. Some links are not really working properly so we guess the store is still being tested by those freaky terminator bots in that guarded chamber under Sony HQ. But hey, it’s better to have a functional (woot!) PSN Store than nothing, right? PlayStation Plus is available for Rs. 2950 in India (Yup! Everything is priced in Indian currency that is, INR ‘ Rs. ‘)

Most of the stuff is cheaper than the prices in UK/US Store, it may be India being blessed by Sony or it’s just a temporary bug – likely not.

So go ahead, make an Indian PSN ID and try out the Store and give some feedback to it by commenting below. Also, it’s worthwhile to note that many countries got their very own PSN stores on the eve of PlayStation’s 15th anniversary, which was unlocked specially on that day – but they don’t have different (and less) prices like Indian store!



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