What Hindered The Development of RFID Applications?

The lack of a proper understanding of the technology

Many people still do not know the principle of RFID or do not understand what it is able to do. In the early stage of development, due to the limitations of the technology itself, its range of applications is very narrow. Now applications have deepen to each industry of varying degrees, such as the common bar code and human-readable identification, installation and maintenance of these technologies have been quite simple. RFID Card Manufacturer has to pay more attentio to this problems.

Funding and return

In the past, companies had not yet complete IT budget, given this adverse economic environment, the promotion of new technologies is difficult. With RFID technology is gradually showing a substantial return on investment, the tags cost, installation and the cost of deployment are significantly reduced. Benefits in different industries are different. In industrial applications, management or asset tracking, RFID can greatly reduce labor spent to improve asset utilization while reducing unnecessary expenditure. If you want to have a nice budget, enterprises have to make improvements in these areas, but the attendant problems are generated.

Lack of the success stories

The department managers and IT staff do not have enough persuasive practical experience to illustrate the many benefits brought by RFID, because they are not the end-user. Now the situation has changed, and every industry has countless business cases describe how RFID can play a role. Chuangxinjia smart technology Co., Ltd tailored special white paper on the case of RFID applications for different industries, such as database center management, medical industry, aerospace and asset facilities management, and more.

Corporate management’s lack of convincing of the value of RFID technology

This is a common problem encountered by new technologies in the popularization and application stage. To implement the new technology, besides submit a reasonable budget and detailed program to managers, but also have to be able to direct contact to the top decision-makers to make them immediately understand the human and material resources and financial resources it needs to pay, as well as the value of the technology. Department managers and IT staff need to explain these issues to decision-makers from the point of view of the RFID technology.

Always feel that RFID is not practical

When RFID became a buzzword, we are careful when talking about this technology: RFID cannot be used in the metal environment and the liquid and the frequency in different parts of cannot be unified. However, these so-called difficulties had be overcome, the uhf rfid tag we produced can not only act on the metal environment can be embedded in the metal, but also can be applied to any industrial fields, even the tiny size of the assets.

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