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iPad – delayed for almost a year to ship within the reach of Indian soil, is finally here – and we have done a review, of a 1 year old product. But! We do have some exciting stuffs to share with you guys, so let’s move on to the review with tons of images. We received the 3G version of iPad with 64 GB’s of memory. The only difference in 3G and Wi-Fi models, is the cellular antenna – rest all the same. Let’s start the unboxing!


Inside the box, we find the usual Apple propriety data cord, a “Europlug” USB charger (most of the plugs in India are of this type, and it’s a charger type that you may not get in those grey market iPads.) The quick manual, and 2 useless apple stickers, again. There’s even a SIM-card-slot-removal-tool, which you need to use to remove the SIM card slot, and it won’t come with the WiFi-only version of course.



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