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Android mobile devices are globally one of the best selling devices, making Android platform a biggest competitor for Apple’s iOS within a short period of time. Today leading OEMs like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, HTC have switched to Android from their proprietary and other platforms. Currently, more than 1 million applications are available in Android Market.

Blogging is one of the most powerful and wide domain in Internet. Millions of blogs are available on web where bloggers share either information or random thoughts. For those bloggers who seek for blogging from their Android devices can find 5 best Android app for blogging, below.


WordPress is the biggest CMS and free platform in blogging arena. More than 65% of blogs are built on WordPress. WordPress is available for Android, which lets you connected to your blog anytime, anywhere you move out. Through this app, you can edit post, publish new post and manage comments of your blog. You can also check stats of your blog. (Download WordPress for Android)


Blogger ( is yet another platform for blogging. It was created by Pyra Lans which was later acquired by Google. Any Google user can create a free blog on Blogger is the second most widely used blogging platform after WordPress. With Blogger’s Android app, you can add new post, edit posts, etc. Also you can add location information with your blog posts. The app also lets you to switch to multiple blogs you own on Blogger. (Download Blogger for Android)


Tumblr is the next widely used blogging platform. Some features are similar to Twitter. You can create blogs for free and greatest strength of tumblr is themes. It will present the content in a simple and an excellent way. And with this app, you can publish your posts, view your stats, share on Facebook, etc. If your site is available on tumblr platform download this app and start blogging on the move. (Download Tumblr for Android)


Posterous is a simple blogging platform where you can write blog posts using your email accounts. You can also embed pdf files to your blog post. Posterous literally equals to social networking platform. You have variety of themes and it lets you customize selected theme easily. It has in-built apps to share your blog posts, mobile view apps, iPhone and Android apps, etc. It is free, but you can also purchase your own domain name from its premium version. You can perform all the above process using the app. (Download Posterous for Android)


LiveJournal is one of the best and free social journalism platforms. It is mainly for people who love journalism and want to share news instantly on the go. It lacks some essential features when compared to other blogging platforms. But it has some unique features as well. You can post to your journals and web based communities using LiveJournal. You can perform all the actions that you could do from desktop from your Android app. (Download LiveJournal for Android)



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