Advantages of Android Tablet PCs

As latest updated Mobile Internet Devices, Android 2.1 and 2.2 Operating System are the fruit of Android Technology, to bring the world into your pocket. No more hassles to carry a laptop on a shoulder-bag, wherever you go. Instead you insert this Personal Computer into your pockets – start connecting to the world out there by the touch-screen interface, wherever wanted and whenever wanted.

You can now entertain all your family members with these New 2011 Latest Model Personal Computers, with everything available in the digital format – music, movies, web content and a lot more on the Internet World. Light weight and miniature thin, it gives you and your family members a totally new Wi-Fi experience – whether it is typing an email or viewing a video of your choice. See the choices offered by D-Logik to you to select from:

Android Tablet PC 7″-Model D03: Provided with 7 inch screen display; Android 2.2 Mobile Operating System – now supporting Flash Videos as well; choice online applications embedded and open for downloading more applications from the Market Place; Wi-Fi provided and comes with Micro SD Cord slot – Price Just $179.99

Android Tablet PC 10″ – Model No.D06: 10 Inch Screen display 1024x 600 Touch Sensitive, Resistive Colour LCD; HDMI output 1080p Full HD capable; 4GB Memory – expandable upto 32GB through Micro-SD cord; Wi-Fi YES; Android 2.2 Mobile Operating System; already embedded with online applications and you can download any application of your choice like email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and so on; HDMI enabled to full HD video playback. And there are thousands of video games available for your kids. The power of this Android Tablet PC is immense, in carrying out your office work as well as entertainment – Price Just $279.99.

Plus D-Logik also offers – Tablet PC 7″ with Android 2.1 Operating System with all the plug-ins like earphone, stylus pen, HDMI cable etc. – priced at $199.99. Another Tablet PC 7″ Model D701 with resistive touch screen display, Wi-Fi net work, Camera and G Sensor, and 3D games for a price of $199.99. Another 10.2 Inch Tablet PC Model D-11 is also offered with M16 GPS facility of Android 2.2 OS – Touch Screen with Web Camera – Flytouch 2 features – priced only at $279.99.

Advantages of buying from D-Logik, Australia:

All the above Tablet PCs are coming to you with a solid 12 months Warranty from D-Logik, as also extended 3 year Warranty on selected items. All items purchased from D-Logik are delivered to your home by Australia Wide Express Delivery. Items will be dispatched within 1 business day. Or if you want to collect the item personally, you can do so by fixing up the date and time over phone with D-Logik.

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