The Secret behind Messenger Chatbot Marketing

Have you ever thought of incorporating messenger marketing in the strategy of your business? If you haven’t, this might be a good time to start planning. 

Messenger is a social application, used by millions of people worldwide, which you can employ to your own benefit.  If you create a carefully planned Chabot strategy, the chances of promoting your business on this platform are higher than on any other. 

Messenger is no longer just a means of personal communication; it has transformed into a mode of business communication, making the approach towards your customers more personal. It enables you to get subscribers, send sponsored messages to them, create ads, share information and much more. Here are several tips which you can use to deliver a successful messenger Chatbot strategy. 

Use the existing audience

I assume that you already have a business page on Facebook. This page can serve like a mediator between your customers and the messenger Chabot. You can send updates and invitations to your existing clients. It’s easier to start with a pre-existing network of people than to start developing it from scratch. However, if you are a complete beginner, here you can see how to target your audience more easily. 

The next step is to focus your attention on the chatbotsthat are the most significant for your clients. Choose the ones where they will feel free to ask the most uniform questions. You will be in a position where you will collect and share information with them.  

Inform your customers about your Chabot

Creating a Chabot is just not enough, it should be informative.  Your Chabot should provide the basic information that customers require.  

For instance: what it’s called, when can they use it, where can they find it and what functions does it perform.  Your Chabot is supposed to represent a person, which they will be willing to communicate with and have trust, at the same time. 

Be more personal

Perhaps you don’t believe that a Chabot can give responses like a real person, but you can achieve this if you try hard. The first thing that the Chatbot needs to do is to recognize the name of the client, which immediately makes customers feel unique and respected. 

Also it has to know if the customers are asking questions or making a statement, so that the conversation does not seem unnatural. Moreover, through your Chatbot you should send daily offers and promotions to your customers and gather as much information as you can about their preferences. 

This information is of immense value to you, because your Chatbot has the ability to store it and later use it to send offers to people in accordance with their taste and needs. By doing this, the chances for sale are definitely higher. Visit this link:  for more info on the importance of Chabot.  

Engage your clients

Choosing the tone in which you will address your clients through the chatbot is extremely important. The tone shouldn’t be too formal or too casual. It’s best to besemi-formal; because they will feel free to ask questions as if they are talking to somebody they know. It is sometimes even a good thing to use some jokes or emoticons during the conversation. 

On the other hand, the dose of formality will reassure them of your integrity as a business they can trust. 

Another thing you must take into consideration is the format of conversation. When asking a question, it’s better to leave space for users to create their own answer, than to serve them pre-determined answers and let them pick the right one for them.  By formulating answers, customers are automatically being more active participants in the conversation. 

Provide high level of security

Although most of the information shared on your chatbot is not of delicate nature, there will be cases when the completely opposite will happen. Regardless of the type of information your customers share with you, it’s your responsibility to keep it safe and don’t let it be used against them. 

How to guarantee your clients’ privacy?

You can achieve this by using encrypted messages, authentication or authorization methods. In this way, you boost your reputation as a safe business as well.


In today’s hectic world where customers expect from businesses to be available to them 24 hours a day,using a chatbot is a smart decision. This strategy enables you to use your employees in other fields instead of having to deal with customer questions. 

Customers don’t waste their time, since they get immediate replies, which can never happen if a human was on the other side of the screen. Normal employees can handle couple of clients at the same time, but a chatbot can converse with limitless number of them. 

This marketing strategy can prove to be beneficial for your business, because it’s more likely for your clients to stay loyal to you. By sending them daily offers, promotions and news, they get a feeling of importance. 

It’s also easier to get information on their preferences, which would be a lot harder if it was done by an employee. Employees can’t store so much information as a chatbot.

If you wish your business to rely on effective customer conversation, messenger chatbot is the thing for you.

It is a low-cost strategy, which can boost your business in a short time!

Samsung Rf510 Notebooks Designed For Gaming

Samsung has officially introduced in the European market its latest notebook, addicted to gambling and entertainment, with a basic configuration that guarantees value for money.

The Samsung RF510, has already been tested overseas, in two versions, one with more benefits, guaranteed by the Core i7 and the other, of medium low, Core i5, the latter version, composed of many multimedia features , let’s see the technical specifications and the format used for the Italian market. With its sleek design, black enamel finish and brushed aluminum for the wrist rest, implements the new Intel Calpella, the screen shows 15-inch glossy LED backlit display with a resolution of 1336 x 768 pixels and technology nVidia Optimus. The enviable hardware configuration includes a Core i7, or, for European countries, Core i5, 4GB DDR 3 memory expandable up to 8GB storage capacity of 550 GB with a unit or two for a total of 640 GB of Hard Disk.

As for the multimedia part, we continue with nVidia GeForce GT 330M graphics card with 1GB of dedicated memory, two 1.5W speakers True2Sound SRS Premium Sound and a DVD with the possibility to customize the configuration by choosing the Blu Ray DVD player. Network connections managed by Integrated Wireless card 802.11 b / g / n, Bluethoot 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet connector, complete with interfaces such as the 4 in 1 card reader, HDMI and VGA, audio jack, 2 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0 High system with speed and a USB Sleep ‘n’ charge that determines the ability to connect devices for charging even when the notebook is turned off. In addition to the built-in web cam 0.3 mega pixels, preinstalled on Samsung RF510 find the operating system Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit and FastStart feature that is activated by closing the lid without shutting down the system.

Lithium-ion battery that guarantees a ‘autonomy of 4-5 hours, with a total weight of 2.5 kg, will reach the market with a list price of around 999 Euro.

Benefits Of Using A Security Camera For Your Business and Household


We can all agree that technology can be both important for our daily needs and bad for us. Even though upgrades and constant innovations can provide us with numerous advantages, they can also cause havoc if you do not use them, as you should.

Most of us, when we see something new and latest, think about the advantages and everything good about the specific product. However, only a few will understand the other side of the coin. 

Of course, the security camera is one of the greatest things that modern technology created, especially since you will be able to use it in offices and households to protect them from intruders.

That is why you should check out this link:, to determine the best possible solution for your household requirements. Security cameras gained considerable prominence and popularity since it is effective security measure, and you will get numerous benefits with them.

However, similarly, as with any other technological advancement and invention, they feature a few disadvantages as well.

Of course, we can easily say that benefits are outranking the disadvantages, which makes them efficient and common choice among people that want to keep assets and loved ones secure and safe.

In case you wish to install latest security cameras, it is essential to understand these things before you make up your mind:

  1. Reduces Overall Crime

One of the biggest reasons why most people decide to install security cameras is because once they install them, you will be able to see everything immediately so that you can protect your household or office from burglars.

Even if you place them discreetly, you will still have a feeling of safeness, which is the priceless feeling in this world, filled with crime. It does not matter if you wish to install them at the workplace or in your home, because you will be able to prevent crime from happening.

For instance, when you place cameras in visible areas, you will create a potential risk to invaders that do not want to get caught red-handed. Therefore, the existence of them will make them think whether they should breach your household or not.

In case that breach happens, you will be able to call law enforcement, and some latest models with sensors will immediately notify police due to facial recognition technology. You should click here to learn more on CCTVs in general. 

Finally, you can rest assured and avoid issues related to productivity, punctuality, and theft, because camera can provide you the perfect solution to handle these issues. 

It will also prevent your office and home from becoming easy targets, which is another reason why you should install them.

  1. Monitors Activities and Scenarios

It is simple to work with the latest models of CCTV especially if you have in mind that you can place them anywhere you prefer, and you will need only a power source to do it. 

At the same time, they come in various sizes and shapes, which mean that you can hide tiny ones in pictures, photo frames, plants, and other hidden areas. Everything depends on your needs and requirements, but you can buy either mountable or hidden ones.

Apart from that, you will be able to catch everything suspicious that happens around you, and even though it is recommended to purchase a dummy camera to create a fear of being caught, it is much better to choose a real thing so that you can improve security measures.

Similarly, as technology, criminals are also changing and improving their techniques based on the latest technology, so it is much better to have a real thing instead of dummy camera. 

The best way to find a specific security camera for your particular requirements is to visit this guide:

Real ones are highly helpful because you can also monitor the activities of people that are visiting your office and household.

  1. Gather Relevant Evidence

When you decide to place cameras at strategic locations that will come in handy because you will be able to monitor words and actions of people during some event or situation. 

Modern cameras feature high-quality audio and video capabilities, and you will be able to enjoy in bright images with fantastic sound, so they are highly efficient when it comes to recordings and gathering relevant evidence for some situation.

In case that you are dealing with a legal scenario, and some witness forgot to pinpoint a specific detail based on the case, you will be able to use camera evidence as the accurate perspective on what happened.

Therefore, it can easily protect you against legal authorities and present the series of events that happened in the area you placed them. At the same time, footage from security cameras will provide you an ability to make fair and correct decisions in case of professional disputes.

It does not matter if you are dealing with disagreement among your employees, family, or between a customer, you will be able to reduce doubt and see what happen by checking the video footage.