Fragments of Imaginations Adding Fuel to The Rumors About Apple iPhone 5

When apple announced about its first iPhone and when it go introduced to the world many were shell shocked. The result was great and the phone became an overnight success story for apple. Now with the advancement of technology and with the competition catching up very fast apple came up with latest versions of the iPhone and had the customers happy over them all.

Now the iPhone 5 is about to be launched in a short period. But some factors of the market could not wait for it and they have come up with their own version of the product which has given rise to various rumors floating around in the market about iPhone 5. Let’s go through some of the most heard rumors in the market about this device which hasn’t seen the light of the market yet.

The most common one that one can find on the internet is about the size of the phone as many have mentioned that it is going to be taller than the last devices of the series. Basically the device comes in a single color externally and it was out that the next device will have a two toned back with the headphone jack at the bottom. Word is also spread that the phone will sport a 4 inch screen which may inhabit the in-cell technology which is something new to the market.

Speculations are also being made about a smaller SIM card slot of the phone. People are very excited about this devices and maybe that is why we can see so many videos which are showing the “Apple iPhone 5 leaked pictures and videos” doping the rounds on the net. There are some sites from France which have been coming up with photos which are fake and please do not go by it.

The next rumor is about the preorder of the phone. Yes, there are many sites which are providing pre order bookings for the iPhone 5 which is quite a bogus deal and it is best advised to stay away from those pages. Some have gone even further and have mentioned about the avenue being selected for unveiling the phone, strange.