How Will The Price Work if Flavor of Summer is a Cheaper iPhone?

When you are continuously reminded by a nagging and cunning competition in tech news that you are losing because you did not set your prices properly and damned by tech review experts for making such a superb device that can’t be priced lower what options do you have? This is also when you are offering the best possible in that world. In every measure the product is superior to competition but still you are losing. People have their ways of thinking and circumstances and education to support that, even justify. So Samsung never could come up to the level they are now to trouble Apple in Steve Jobs’ time. Either they feared him or they were not strong enough. Or Apple CEO never feared them. So against the growing rumors of a new iPhone this summer there is unmistakably a looming, intimidating shadow of Samsung. How is that going to affect this new product and subsequent business strategy of Apple?

It is apparent Apple is slowly and grudgingly acknowledging Samsung, whether in the court room or the market. Their reactions will also be to accommodate that acknowledgement. So it is very strongly expected that the new iPhone supposed to be released in Summer’13 will have adjusted price with possible restrictions in features and more aesthetics, losing their established get up. Since Apple has only one model they feel it hard to compete with Samsung in volume. But what it appears that they are now also trying to make variations of the iPhone and match Samsung in their higher segment phones. Apple matching up to someone??? Surprise, surprise. Disruptions are norms in such fast changing technologies.

So you are expecting a cheaper iPhone in the new one? I am also but what will happen to the earlier ones? By the established trend this company reduces the price of the earlier model once the next in line comes out. So every US citizen will look forward (and some of the other first world countries also) to a reduction in price of iPhone 5. How can that happen when you are introducing the new product for a cheaper version to sell in other countries? Will the product launch be specific, restricted to certain regions?

If US is diverted for this release will iPhone again change itself? The tradition has been to give US the first look and then slowly for the world to have steady flow of the earlier version. Making it really precious, pricey. Are those street smart marketing stunts abandoned? For volume? How change happens to high pedestal idols also. Do you see a smirk on my face here? I am not. Why? Because I come from the third world. For a change this company is giving importance and recognition for the volume and money they earned from here. Music to our collective ears.

Are these issues only thought by me? Does Apple employ people who will not see this contradiction and find ways to think and correct them? They have proved their smartness many times and I am sure they will again. What I think is they are going sort of transition to change. We will see a new Apple, till then they will decline.