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  • E3: The Reapers Invade as Mass Effect 3 is Revealed

    The final entry of the Mass Effect trilogy was revealed with a bang at E3 this year. At the Microsoft presentation we were shown the new Kinect controls that were included in the game and at the EA conference they gave us a marvelous fight sequence at a reaper base.

    Mass Effect 3 will fully support the Xbox 360 Kinect device, where you can select dialog and give commands to your squad just by voicing them at the console. Bioware showcased this by controlling Shepard with a controller but using voice to talk with NPCs and order Liara and Garrus around when in battle.

    We were shown a gameplay demo where Shepard was in a reaper base with his ship, the Normandy giving a air strike to the target marked. We get to see some shooting which hasn’t been changed since the previous game but this time we have extremely cool melee take down moves at our disposal. Shepard realizes that the reaper base is actually a reaper itself, which leads to a high speed chase sequence with Shepard shooting the reaper with a mounted gun at the back of his transport. The gigantic reaper is then hit with an orbital strike from space which seemingly takes it down but moments later reemerges through the dust, marking the end of the gameplay demo.

    Mass Effect 3 will be coming in two editions, the $60 standard edition and $80 collector’s edition. The Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s Edition comes included with N7 Arsenal Pack, which includes four exclusive in-game tactical weapons and appearance packs. You also receive a Mass Effect 3-themed Dark Horse comic book, a hardcover art book, and an N7 fabric patch, as well as an extended soundtrack and lithograph. The downloadable special edition of the game will also get digitized versions of all the previously mentioned goodies.

    Mass Effect 3, standard and collector’s edition is to be released on March 6th, 2012 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The ‘Fall of Earth’ E3 trailer can be found below for your enjoyment.

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    1. Hi Pulasthi, Anne here, community manager intern at Livefyre. I absolutely love the first two Mass Effect games, so I was fan-girling a bit when I saw the E3 trailer. As always, it looks beautiful, and I’m pleased to see more melee attacks — let’s be honest, meleeing in the first two games was pretty weak (and normally ended poorly). I’m disappointed that the release date got pushed back, but I can’t WAIT for this game. Looking forward to more of your posts; feel free to let us at Livefyre know if you have any comments or concerns.

    2. Pulasthi says:

      @annedreshfield Yeah, that delay kind of sucked, but I guess a bit more development time for a game this huge wouldn’t hurt. BTW, Livefyre is working pretty darn awesome!

    3. @Pulasthi Glad you think so! :)

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