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  • E3: Playstation 3 Exclusive Dust 514 unveiled

    CCP is the developer that delivered PC gamers one of the most advanced MMORPG titles in a long time, that game is EVE Online. It is a space based MMO game, where you can travel among 7500 star systems while fighting epic space battles and more. But now, CCP has announced a shooter that ties into the same universe as EVE Online but it is based on the wars that happen on the actual worlds that’s in EVE Online universe.

    Dust 514 is a Playstation 3 exclusive MMO shooter with Playstation Move support, as well as Playstation ‘Vita’ support in the future which is the new handheld gaming device from Sony. It will be based on a micro transaction system where you buy the weapons and equipment you want through real money if you prefer. Below you can find the E3 trailer for Dust 514.

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