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  • E3: Ghost Recon Future Soldier Trailer and Kinect support detailed

    “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier” is the forth addition to the Ghost Recon series, and probably has the longest name of all. The new trailer from Microsoft’s press conference (embedded above) was a CG trailer so it did not have any real gameplay, but it showed us the tech we will be having in the game such as an invisibility cloak, heat signature tracking through walls and even fully controled attack drones just like the old Ghost recon games.

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier is coming with Kinect support for the Xbox 360, we were shown a gameplay feature called the ‘gunsmith’ where you use gesture control and voice commands to choose exactly what guns and attachments you need to accomplish your mission, that part of the Kinect demo seemed to be extremely well made as the motions and the voice commands of the player was acknowledged by the game marvelously although – we think most real players would prefer the normal controllers over the Kinect stuff when they are actually playing the game.

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier

    However, at the Ubisoft conference we witnessed actual 4 player co-op gameplay of Future Soldier – It started off showing some invisibility capabilities of the soldiers and then a new system where you can mark your targets and lock on simultaneously on different targets with all your team mates, so then you can have a fully Synchronized firing sequence without alerting any other guards.

    We were then shown a silent take-down of a hostile and the detection of a group of hostiles in a room through walls, now the screen was split into 4 parts where we could see where our team mates were and what they were doing at that given time. Later in the demo we were shown how the player can just deploy a flying drone for reconnaissance by hand. It is not all stealth gameplay, as a heavy firefight was ignited near the end of the demo with the player spamming his fully automatic gun and throwing hand grenades at enemies.

    At the end of the day, Ghost Recon Future Soilder looks pretty darn good, although we expected a little bit more from Ubisoft, maybe some extra new game mechanics would have done the job.

    GT.TV LiveStream, Youtube (IGN)


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