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  • E3: Crytek announces Ryse for Kinect

    Crytek has been developing a Kinect centered game for the past year and it was previewed at Microsoft’s press conference at E3 this year. We were shown a gameplay trailer of Ryse which it is set in ancient Rome where you fight as a warrior in the first person perspective using the motion capturing technology of Kinect.

    From the scenes that were shown to us, player can use his one arm to hold the shield to block attacks coming from different angles. Other arm can be used to swing the sword, from which you have to hack and slash when the opponent shows an opening. Also it was seen that we can do a variety of moves such as kicking and headbutting as we play.

    The release date for Ryse has not been announced yet but we do have the trailer that was shown at E3, below.

    G4TV LiveStream


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