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  • Samsung demands to see Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 3

    Lawsuit of the year – Apple-Samsung controversy have just stepped to a newer and bigger motion. Roll the time back a little to around April of this year, the folks at Cupertino filed a lawsuit against Samsung for infringing several of their patents for iOS’s UI and hardware design.

    Finally on 18th May, U.S. District Court allowed Apple to obtain 5 Samsung devices to see if any other Samsung to-be-coming devices are also infringing patents. Although, most of those devices are already in market – Infuse 4G, Infuse 4G LTE (Droid Charge,) Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 8.9 – both of those tabs are the only devices that have a tag of “not-yet-released“. And that gave Apple another opportunity to bully around with Samsung and of course legally accuse Samsung for maybe some more minor patent infringements.

    But obviously – Samsung won’t just sit there watching Apple winning this thing. The folks at ThisIsMyNext have pretty much confirmed news about Samsung’s next move in this legal battleground – ask the court to make Apple show them the not-yet-announced iPhone 5 and iPad 3, if they even exist yet. Why? Same reason as Apple – to see if any of their upcoming devices will have something that could again create confusion with Apple’s upcoming devices, giving Apple another opportunity to sue Samsung. They have asked the court to make Apple provide them final retail versions of the next iPhone and iPad by June 13th with their respective packaging – if Apple fails to produce final versions of their products, they can still produce and provide their latest in-development versions of iPhone and iPad. Nice move, but all those fancy demands still depend on the court, and that’s not going to be easy for either of these giants. Apple has already notified Samsung that such demand can be completed for Apple products that are currently in the market.

    Head on to the sources below if you want to go deep into the papers. And obviously, this isn’t going to stop here – it’s going to get more dirty.

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