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  • HP Palm coming with a tablet on 9th Feb?

    See what Engadget got their hands on, lucky people got tipped from a trusted source with computer renders of … a tablet.

    HP Palm

    Okay, so how many people here remember that invitation to a Feb 9th event hosted by HP Palm? No one? Well, you need to get your hopes and expectations up a bit, cause according to Engadget – we are going to see these tablets above running WebOS.

    Note the plural tablets – there isn’t going to be just one tablet, there’s two. A 7 incher and another one at 10 inch. Which perfectly fits to the event’s tagline “Something big, Something small, Something beyond,” except the beyond part, printers running WebOS maybe?

    We don’t really see a button on it’s face except that white line below. We can’t go on a assumption-streak for the hardware with just 2 pictures, but it seem’s it does have a Mini-USB port and a front facing camera. More details on 9th Feb, mark it in your calendars – the battle is going to get dirty.



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