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  • Cisco announces ūmi, a family video conference “solution”

    The system is quite good, but the thing is, will you really pay $24 per month for this. Anyway, it’s called Cisco ūmi.

    The well designed cam of ūmi is capable of being placed at top of TV or LCD TV, and is a full HD camera. The video conference resolution changes as per the ISP connection speed. The connection requires a good amount of speed to stream 1080p, or else it sets up to 720p or to 480p. It can also record video at 720p. It also got an HDMI out. The system comes with this cam , a set-top-box (which has HDMI in and out ports) and a remote controller. Now the system got features like Google video chat integration, uploading recorded/conference videos to Facebook and YouTube, and sharing videos via email.

    Cisco ūmi camera

    Cisco ūmi set-top-box

    Pre-orders going on. Cisco says that the pre-orders available from today at and same will be available at BestBuy from 18th Oct. Availability to consumers – November 14. Now the pricing, to buy the system you have to pay $599. The monthly usage charge is $24.99. Not just this, you also have to pay your ISP for providing good connection for the system. So yes, for an ordinary consumer it’s an expensive machine!

    (via: Engadget)


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