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Now this is a news, probably might worry Apple’s competitive manufacturers and software developers. The essential pinch-to-zoom is said to be awarded to Apple, in a manner of “patent.”

Although there’s certain limits with the patent, it gives Apple a relief. According to the elaboration of Engadget, when reading out the below “Apple Patent-PDF” Apple doesn’t really get the pinch-to-zoom patent rather awarded for “pinching-to-zoom” within a period of time. The patent accordingly pinch-to-zoom refers to the multi-touch display detecting atleast 2 contacts. The first breaks up when the second contacts detected, and with the gestures of second contact the image (or any other thing) is zoomed in and out. Remember, the patent is limited, and manufacturers can buy license from Apple or make something else similar to pinch-to-zoom for their products to unduly the patent. So, there’s nothing to worry much about this.

Multi-touch features like pinch-to-zoom is widely used in handsets of/like HTC, Nokia N8, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and so on.



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