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ISPs are directed to block 104 music sites by a court order passed recently from Calcutta High Court in favor of Indian Music Industry (IMI). Those are 142 music companies from IMI association who stood against such illegal music sites. As per the court order, there are three blocking methods opened for ISPs – DNS block, IP block and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) block.

This is a significant step taken from Calcutta High Court to prevent media piracy over the web. But IMI doesn’t stop here, the next thing they’re going after is filesharing sites. But preventing piracy isn’t the only purpose for IMI, it’s certainly more. When Medianama told Saregama (from IMI) CEO Apurv Nagpal that IMI could have instead gone after ad networks to block ads on such illegal music sites, he commented:

“Whether it is ad networks now or talking to illegal sites – most sites are those with a passion for music. We don’t want these sites to be shut down, we want them to pay a license fee and flourish as a business. There are legitimate businesses in operation too. The scope is there, and we want these sites to be legal.”

That said, companies from IMI doesn’t just want to stop illegal sites in order to sell more music offline. They rather want to go deeper into online business which can be profitable for the music industry as well as for such sites. The blockage is already in effect on some ISPs, and soon those 104 sites will be blocked on all 387 ISPs. Hit the source for more coverage.



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